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In the holy city of the Macedonians

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ΔΙΟΝ Rooms

One of the most famous historical and archaeological sites of the country is Dion. In today’s Dion, the historic seat of the Municipality of Dion Olympus, the past meets the present, and the archaeological site with archaeological finds attracts thousands of visitors each year. Here are the wonderful traditional rooms – residences of Mrs. Voula. Surrounded by a courtyard of 500 m, lawn with lawn and a playground for the fun of our little friends.


There are two types of rooms:

A large family apartment featuring a living room with a fireplace, a bedroom with a double bed and a single and a large kitchen with all the equipment to make the food you prefer.

Two rooms with a common hall, each containing two single beds and a separate bathroom.


Here you will have the chance to enjoy a unique breakfast with organic dishes, fresh eggs, handmade sweets, jams, pies and delicious desserts.


ΔΙΟΝ Rooms provide excellent quality and technical accommodation and meticulous cleanliness. Laundry service / dry cleaning, television, air conditioning, hair dryer are some of the extra comforts you ‘ll find at the hotel. Friendly and family environment.
ΔΙΟΝ Rooms and in winter

Winter in DION

Visitors who would like to come in winter to see Mount Olympus snowy or go hiking, will be able to enjoy the fireplace in the large apartment of Mrs. Voula.

Tour 360⁰

Enjoy a Virtual Tour with 360⁰ photos

Just grab photo with your mouse and look at the surroundings as if you were there.

Breakfast of Mrs. Voula
And much more!
At  ΔΙΟΝ Rooms you will feel like home. Breakfast here has no working hours. As you wake up, Mrs. Voula will be there to offer you the richest breakfast, and like a good mom to give you a snack on your excursion!
The Mosaics
Mrs. Voula is an artist. Her interest is towards mosaics and not only. Her creations decorate the walls of the rented rooms.
It is one of the oldest and most difficult arts to have unprecedented masterpieces from antiquity to the present day.
Tour to Dion

The sanctuary of Demeter and the dynasty of Dionysus

After staying at ΔΙΟΝ Rooms early in the morning with the sweet dew, go down to the archaeological site. The whole area is drowned in vegetation and small torrents and running waters cross the archaeological site, creating a heavenly setting through which the ancient findings shine white in an unbelievably charming image.

Among the most beautiful places in the area is the sanctuary of Isis: it is flooded with water and the buildings emerge through the wet vegetation.

Very close is the sanctuary of Demeter, one of the oldest excavations in Macedonia.

From the side of the ancient city of Dion, you will walk to the old street with the relief shields and chests, you will see the Dionysus mansion with the mosaics and of course the large thermae of Dion, built in 200 AD, the impressive bath complexes.

Residence of the Twelve Gods
The most magnificent mountain of Greece, Olympus, invites you to discover its magic. Another excursion, which you can do by staying at ΔΙΟΝ Rooms

Climb to the top

From the Prions – at 1,100 meters, the E4 path passes through Litochoros and the Enipea Gorge. If you target, in 3 hours you will have reached the shelter of Spilios Agapitos. And at 6 hours on top.


Mytikas is the highest peak of Olympus and Greece. Until recently his height was 2,917 m. The peak, as a mountaineering challenge, is not among the hardest peaks of Greece. The paths (are two) leading to Mytikas belong to the European Route E4, so they are generally in good condition.

Natural heritage

Splinters and ridges, gorges and plateaus, deep caves and imposing rocks are not only here for aesthetic reasons. This unique ecosystem hosts over 1,500 plant species, dozens of wildlife species, and rare birds.

Enipea Gorge

Start climbing from the Enipea Gorge, overlooking the village of Litochoro. After 4 hours of walking, the first stop is the monastery of Agios Dionysios, whose foundation dates back to the mid-15th century.

Marathon of Olympus

The Marathon of Olympus revives the journey of the ancient Greeks, who, in honor of their beloved god Zeus, made once a year a course to the peaks of Olympus. The Marathon begins at the archaeological site of Dion at an altitude of just 5 meters from the sea level and reaches 2,780 meters below just the “Throne of Zeus”.
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